NBTrader terminal is a market data, trading and execution review terminal that can be used standalone or integrated with NBTrader OMS, to form a fully featured Order Management solution. The terminal provides a highly configurable data display from a wide variety of exchanges and across asset classes. It allows access to multiple order types and destinations, offering direct access to exchanges and MTFs, as well as a range of brokers and DMA destinations.

  • Highly configurable interface and design

    Tailor to your individual way of working, and easily save and share profiles.

  • Best Execution analysis

    The ability to rebuild the market across the lifetime of your trade, complete with detaled analysis of the market at the time of the execution. All order and trades are automatically measured for compliance in real time including analysis of vwap trades across multiple months to ensure compliance and value.

  • Permissions based build

    Business level controls for user specific profiles and system access, designed to follow your business workflow.

  • UK, European and Global exchange access

    Trade without limitation or compromise across multiple asset classes.

  • Company fundamentals

    Detailed fundamental data for accurate research and investment decisions.

  • Consolidated News Sources

    Wide selection of news options delivered seamlessly to your desktop, to never miss a crucial story and investment opportunity.