Principal Trading

NBTrader's Order Management System offers a full sell-side, principal trading function, including RSP auto-quoting engine, providing a high performance sell-side OMS and market making engine. Designed for the UK market maker, it provides a flexible pricing engine, which balances your risk price against the market with the most comprehensive "auto-pilot" features available. The engine handles institutional order flow and provides efficient Retail Service Provider (RSP) services to your clients, enabling greater market share with minimum manual effort. Operate as a liquidity provider to a variety of execution venues, incorporating all the counterparty risk protection you would expect. Public quoting function provides necessary pre-trade transparency through a variety of exchanges.

  • Price per client, instrument and book

    Offer the best price to counterparties to maximise profitability. Ensure losses are minimised and price fluctuations at an instrument level do not affect your books or other assets.

  • Multiple Reference Prices

    Trade through auctions by using your house price or an alternate price source. Generating Liquidity provider and RSP prices using different reference prices, dependent upon the regulation in force.

  • ETCs and client support

    Provide automatic Electronic Trade Confirmations and contract notes to your clients automatically on the back of completed executions. The built-in Best Execution monitoring and support tools can be provided to your client-base as a service supporting your business, and demonstrating the quality of execution to your client.

  • Stop Loss features

    Mark changes as "intraday", ensuring they are undone overnight and do not affect prices the following day. Set opening and closing strategies to enter the market how you want - minimising risk during volatile times. Configure Automatic quote suspension based on criteria you choose, e.g. a sudden price movement or RNS article.

  • Auto hedging

    Automate removal of "noise" so you can focus on large deals and assess lost quotes. Automatic hedging supports hedging of currencies, support cross-currency trading and prevent accumulation of large currency positions

  • Audit

    Access to all changes and activity ensuring a complete view of actions affecting your price and success rates.