NBTrader Market Data

NBTrader's Market Data price feeds, 'Interfeed', offer high performance data feeds, data integration services, and fast, simple access to real-time prices for portfolios and public and private websites. Provided either as off-the-shelf or fully tailored solutions, Interfeed is the same technology that powers NBTrader products and applications and is available in the form of ultra-low latency data feeds or simple Database access, covering the major UK and International exchanges.

  • High quality market data

    Direct data supplied to you at the highest quality without compromise.

  • Variety of data types

    Choose from live, delayed or closing prices, specific to your needs and budget.

  • Multi-Exchange

    Multiple exchanges offered within one product, in a consistent format.

  • Flexible delivery

    Data can be delivered in NBTrader's own compressed, high-speed, normalised format, raw exchange format, or as XML/JSON via a webservice, or populated directly into your database for ease of access.

  • Control

    Receive as much (or little) data as needed. From "whole of exchange" to a small subset.

  • The right toolkit

    Market Data can be supplied with optional client side tools for data decompression, DB interaction, reporting and multi-point relaying.

  • Add context

    Historical analysis, charting and fundamentals data can be provided, adding context to current price information.