Investor Relations

NBTrader Investor Relations provides clear, easy to understand share information for investors and potential investors. Implement your own look and feel for your communications utilising quality, timely and reliable data. Avoid your Investor Relations provider taking over your website, branding themselves larger that your own company. Quite simply, NBTrader Investor Relations offers a one-stop-shop for all IR information, news and charting, ensuring quality feedback for shareholders while effortlessly meeting your regulatory requirements.

  • Flexible Feeds and Formats

    Have price and historical data delivered direct to your website or designers via web services as XML or JSON. Have complete control over how and where the share information displayed, ensuring seamless integation into your site.

  • Resilient and Reliable Service

    With highly resilient infrastructure in geographically diverse data centres, even a catastrophic failure can't prevent us from delivering your prices.

  • Email Alerts

    Keep your investors up to date with events by allowing them to subscribe to email alerts. Push the news to them.

  • Flexible Graphing

    From the simplest static historical chart, to feature-packed dynamic graphing, we can deliver historical or intraday charting through a variety of presentations, or deliver the raw data into your own graphing solution.

Our ability to provide all of your company critical information, to a standard you expect, allows NBTrader to manage all aspects of your Investor relations needs.

Competitive pricing, coupled with control over the detail and timeliness of the data being displayed, ensures a high-quality result on even a modest budget.